Meth Lab Decontamination

Methamphetamine Decontamination

Depending on the severity of the Meth Contamination, we will propose different decontamination stages.

Stage 1, for homes that have relatively low contamination of Meth can usually be remediated by spraying and/or misting a series of different, proprietry solutions, which alternately draw out and neutralise the Meth.
In many cases, where Meth has only been occasionally used this is all that is required to bring the levels of Meth to below the Ministry of Health guidelines.

However, where moderate, deeper or penetrating Meth Contamination exists we may need to move to Stage 2 and remove soft furnishings and carpets in addition to chemical treatment.

We may also need to remove electrical appliances, fixtures and fittings, and polyurethane coated doors, which attract Meth like a magnet. Stoves and ovens are particularly susceptible to Meth Contamination due to high current draw.

By Stage 3 we will be recommending removal of wall linings and ceilings and other fixtures and fittings in the worst Meth-affected rooms and chemically treating the remaining framing.

At Stage 4 we will be recommending partially deconstructing rooms or wholly demolishing buildings that are so badly contaminated with Meth that it is not cost effective to chemically treat them.

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