Detailed Testing

If your house is contaminated with Meth then, dependant on the resultant levels, we recommend either a Site Evaluation or, if indicated levels are higher, a Detailed Site Investigation.

Our trained investigative sampler (NIOSH 9106 qualified) will carefully test a measured surface area of 100cm², in each of the rooms sampled, providing a sample from each test site, which is marked and photographed, for evidential purposes. 

The individually identified samples are then delivered with accompanying Chain of Custody documentation to an independent laboratory for testing. The samples are tested for methamphetamine and three other substances associated with methamphetamine manufacture.

Based upon the readings at each site, we can accurately form a diagnosis of the likely cause and source of the surface contamination. If the basic Site Evaluation test results are below the MoH guidelines, nothing further needs to be done. If the results are unexpectedly high, we will advise you complete a full detailed site investigation.

An EnviroCheck Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) goes beyond simply sampling. Our investigative sampler will photograph the house and record all surface materials for consideration once the results of testing are known. In most cases, we can then estimate the extent and depth of the contamination, subject to variables like the types and age of the surface coverings that are present.

This enables us to formulate a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) so that you can initiate the process of decontaminating your home.

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