Get The Original EnviroCheck- MethCheck®

Do you suspect that your own home or a house that you are renting may be contaminated with Methamphetamine (“Meth” or “P”)?

Maybe you are about to buy a new home or rent a property and you want to be sure that it is safe for your family to live in.

Envirocheck will send one of our qualified samplers to conduct a meth screening check at the house, which is then sent away to an independent laboratory for testing.

Within 2 to 3 working days (the length of time is up to you) the laboratory will return the results to us so that we can provide you with a simple yes or no answer to your question, “Is my home Meth-Free?” If it’s “Yes” that’s all you need to know and you can rest easy.

MethCheck® is a registered trademark of EnviroCheck Forensics Limited, which trades as EnviroCheck®.

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