Post Testing

Post Decontamination Testing

Once planned decontamination is complete, we re-test for any residual Meth levels.

In most cases, where minimal surface contamination is discovered, this completes the process.

However, in some cases, where a minimal Meth contamination is found, the chemical treatment, which draws Meth from the sub-surface to the surface, reveals that there is a deep-seated contamination.

This may have been hidden by cleaning or redecorating after the Meth Contamination occurred but can also be caused by the type of surface. Whilst this, initially, low surface reading may have been misleading at the time of testing, the true contamination level is usually revealed by re-testing.

At this point we may have to revise our Remedial Action Plan and re-estimate the cost to de-contaminate, revisit the property and take the further steps to decontaminate. Then we will re-test.

Once final testing confirms meth levels below the Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines, we will report a clear test and independent testing can then take place to verify our results, as required.

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